Four Pillars – New Equipment

Discover Why Willow Creek Companies has Become One of the Preferred Contractors of Facilities Construction

One of the other distinctives, the “third pillar”,  that set Willow Creek apart is our commitment to upgrading our equipment on a regular basis. Here are four advantages or benefits you’ll appreciate because of this strategy:

First there is less downtime. We systematically upgrade all of our equipment every three years. When were on your site and project this means less downtime and more deadlines met for one thing. Because we don’t have vintage equipment on the job, we’re not breaking down, and you’re not stressed by our lack of progress. If we finish on time, product is flowing downstream. Everyone is happy and relieved.

Two, less downtime means more uptime. This doesn’t just happen, we plan for it.  We not only maintain all of our equipment religiously, we also retire equipment on schedule, or as needed, which ever comes first.  At a minimum the bulk of our fleet has been “upgraded” every three years.  In this particular case, asset turnover is a good thing for both of us.

The third advantage of keeping our equipment new, is our machines are State of the Art. Each generation of equipment can do things better and more efficiently and safer than the last version we’ve used. This enables our teams to communicate better and work as a single unit to get the job done faster and within budget, when other companies rely on vintage equipment, old technology and how they did it before to “just get the job done”.

Fourth, we believe in investing in the future today. This is a huge bonus when Willow Creek is on your job-site. If we’re on your project and we realize that a new machine will enable us to do a specific task better and faster, or safer, we’ll buy it and press it into service immediately. We realize it will pay off both in the short term, as well as in the long term.

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