Discover Why Willow Creek Companies has Become One of the Preferred Contractors of Facilities Construction

Safety is our first priority at Willow Creek! Our safety goal is a zero injury workforce. We’ve created a safety culture that promotes a safe and healthy workplace. Our goal is to ensure that each employee makes it home safely, every day.

To do so, Willow Creek:

  • Complies with all federal safety standards in accordance with our Health and Safety program to make certain each employee is safe and healthy
  • Works closely with client safety professionals to ensure rigorous safety practices are implemented on a daily basis
  • Ensures that all field crews are thoroughly trained in safety standards and practices through mandatory participation in company safety meetings and through site specific daily safety meetings (JSAs)
  • Voluntarily participates in industry standard safety reporting mechanisms such as VeriforceIS Networld, and PEC Premier. See below.
  • Complies with all Department of Transportation drug and alcohol screening requirements in accordance with our Drug and Alcohol Program. Each employee participates in pre-employment drug testing and is eligible for quarterly random drug testing. All Willow Creek supervisors are DISA certified in reasonable suspicion.

As a result of our safety culture, Willow Creek enjoys an enviable safety record, including a low OSHA TRIR.

Willow Creek is 100% committed to safely completing each job!