to Community

Just as Willow Creek looks to the future of the company and our employees, we understand that our future is also tied to our communities. We are proud of our many employees who donate their time and effort to coaching, non-profit leadership roles, youth organizations, and close-to-home humanitarian efforts. At Willow Creek, we fully support philanthropic interests and generously contribute our time, money, and resources to improving and maintaining our communities.

Fire Prevention

From safety training to tools and equipment, Willow Creek is vigilant about fire prevention. We educate every employee at orientation, take extra precautions with welders and hot work, and communicate and post Emergency Action Plans on every job site. Our trucks are all equipped with fire extinguishers, and we can provide water trucks and trailers wherever needed.

Stormwater Management

ver needed.Willow Creek ensures that Best Management Practices (BMP) are in place before every job requiring drainage or run-off components. From urban scenarios to rural job sites, our Stormwater Management Plans consider all aspects of hydrology and erosion control.

Company Equipment

Willow Creek has a well-maintained fleet that includes various right-of-way and reclamation equipment, ensuring our job sites are cleared, cleaned, and vacated in compliance with all regulations—taking pride in a job well done.

Environmental Stewardship

Willow Creek takes environmental conservancy seriously and is attentive to job site clean-up, erosion control and prevention, and returning and maintaining the balance of the natural landscape – ensuring a better and cleaner future for our communities. Willow Creek, along with our construction partners and subcontractors, value and observe environmental stewardship and, through a collaborative effort, take a proactive, compliant, and creative approach to environmental safety

Seeding & Fertilizing
Straw Crimping
Site Containment
Dust Control
Spoil Management

Standard Operating Procedures that comply with the
USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service
ESG Plan & Protocols
Waste Management Policies & Procedures
Wetland Protection & Conservation Plans

Spill Kits on Crew Trucks
Spill Protection Under & Around Required Equipment
Timely Reporting of Spills
Partnership With Environmental Experts
Regular Environmental Audits
Project-Specific Assessments and Plans
Locally Sourced Suppliers